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26 August 2010 @ 06:55 pm
Uhhh...why is it I only need to update here because bad things happen? Why can't good things happen and I update about those?
Anyway this emoish/rant is because apparently lost my job...several days ago. Would've been nice if the boss had've told me. I had to find out from a fellow employee who was also told not to tell anyone else.
Worse, it's not because I did anything wrong, the boss basically put everyone working where I do out of work because he wanted to subcontract the site to cheaper labour to make more money for himself. I think I can get another job soon enough but it's just a real dickhead of a thing for him to do and then try to hide it from everyone.

EDIT: I might have been acting a little melodramatic when I posted the first part of this. I'm feeling better now and may already have an alternate job lined up. Still not liking my boss but he's a douche so who cares about that. Ahem...ex-boss.
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21 August 2010 @ 10:00 am
Woot, election day . I've already cast my vote. Not that it's likely to count since the guy who holds the electorate I live in never loses, although he may come close this time after wasting $640,000 of taxpayer money on taxifares, magazine subscriptions and overseas trips.
Overall however, despite the fact no-one clearly deserves power, depending on the results I may recind(sp?) my offers to apply for refugee status and escape to Australia. Actually if the guy whom I'm afraid of winning does win you won't have the choice he'll just send you off shore for processing.
I'm not worried about his party it's just the leader that worries me. He's xenophobic, biggoted, unable to decide on any policies until an election on and they become a key topic. His own party won't support his economic credibility. And he supports legislation the screws over workers. He says those policies are dead and buried in name and policy but after spending 3 years supporting them and then changing his mind once the election started, I don't believe him. Basically the most accurate description I can give of him is to think of George bush jr with Prince Charles ears, better brains and looks but still makes georges bad decisions.
I know politics aren't most peoples cup of tea but I'm just worried about this election here since it's a screwed if we do and screwed if we don't kind of election. Just one side of the screwing is potentially far worse.
Anyway unless you guys hear it somewhere else first I'll update this post about who wins and who loses.

EDIT: No decision yet (for those who want to know). But it's close too close. The party I want to win only has a 2 seat lead and still needs 7 more seats to win the election without it turning into a hung parliment like what Britan recently experienced. More when I know it.

EDIT the 2nd: Well it looks like we have a hung parliment...first one since World War 2. It's all up in the air till one side or the other admits defeat or if one party can organise a deal with some of the smaller parties that hold seats.
You're heading for an interesting time when you move here Emily. It should be a little more stable by then at least.
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13 April 2010 @ 10:50 pm
Okay doke, here's the file for the prologue for my book, there's also some of chapter 1 but don't worry about that, that's still a rough version I've done little to no editing on. If the file doesn't work let me know (and if you can why it isn't working) so I can fiddle with it to make it work properly.


After you read it let me know what you think of the style, plot holes, etc by whatever means you want, IM, e-mail, commenting back, random phone call during the middle of the night, however you want.
12 April 2010 @ 11:29 pm
Heya everyone! I'm finally updating again thought not for news. I don't have any since my world has been work, uni and home. Exciting huh?

Anyway I'm just updating everyone to give you all aheads up that I need your help with something for my book (which I technically only started working on again because a certain someone elses facebook group for her book magically turned up on my page and inspired me. You know who you are.)
I'm not finished it or anything, not by a long shot, but I'd like everyopne here to give the prologue a read through and give me your opinions about the style, possible holes I've left in it and/or places I'll need to be more/less descriptive so I can keep them in mind as I write the rest of the book(s).

I'll post another entry when I figure out where to upload a copy of the word document since I can't be bothered to post it here, too long after all for an lj entry. Thanks everyone in advance, I value all your opinions!
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19 August 2009 @ 01:20 pm
Just had to quickly jump on to post since I'm pretty excited about this, but at uni today we did an experiment and apparently we're among the first to test it out. It was just preping some plant seeds to test growth and that but still we're first. Not only that and this is the good part, if our results are good enough they'll be used as part of a report that's going to be given to the State government, which means I'll have participated in a state level research project effectively and that's a MAJOR bonus to my CV. I might not be going to enter the forestry industry but being able to say I participated in a state level project will be a major boon no matter where I go. I'm all excited and hoping everything turns out alright and our results are included.
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07 July 2009 @ 12:14 am
I've had a fun today today. And yes I'm finally updating again after awhile. But anyways. I'm sick. Seems my seasonal cold/flu has finally arrived and thanks to the fact it's been delayed by a few weeks, it's decided to make up for it by being worse than usual. Also have I mentioned how much I hate being sick?
Also I had to work while sick. It wasn't pleasant, especially after my hanky became well used and rather damp at all times. I have to remember to take a second one if I'm still sick come friday but not sick enough to get out of it.
Also at work I got slightly spooked. I say slightly because when I'm sick everything I feel tends to be dulled down a bit, which makes it a good time to yell at people since I no longer feel nervous about doing so, but that I was slightly spooked does let you know that I would've been totally freaked if I wasn't sick. Now the thing that slightly spooked me was the fact I found a box of live skeet shooting shells (you know olympic shooting). And I had to carry them to security. Now that wasn't alone the thing that got me. The major part of it was that the shells, based on the box and the things written on it, appeared to be a cheap Chinese ripoff. Which basically meant I was most likely holding a poorly made box of potential explosives. Which in turn meant I held them in one hand (my left since I'm right handed and it's loss would be far worse) and as far away from my body as I could without it becoming difficult to hold which could result in a pontial drop and gunshot. I was glad to hold them over.
Also on the drive home I got freaked out by a scrunched up piece of paper. I thought it was going to jump out in front of my car and get run over....
Yeah that's what state my brain was in by that point.
I hate being sick.
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